C-U By Phone

When you're on the road and need to have access to your account, C-U By Phone is there for you.  Using this service is simple, just dial 956-381-1215 and listen to the menu selections.  This service is free of charge. If you have not yet signed up for this service or you don't remember your PIN please contact a member service representative at 956-787-2774. 


Available 24 Hours/7 Days a week

Helpful Hints

1. You must use a touch tone phone.

2. Only press the pound sign (#) after the account and pin number.  When you press a menu option (1, 2 ,3 etc) it is not necessary for you to press the pound sign (#).

3. Please keep your PIN # confidential.  If you happen to lose or forget the PIN # you must come in to the credit union to establish a new one.

4. Monetary transactions require you to enter amounts. You must enter each digit of dollars and cents, i.e. to transfer $100.00, you would enter 10000.

5. The system will disconnect you if you pause more than 40 seconds of inactivity.

6. All monetary transactions will be processed and posted to your account immediately.

7. Each monetary transaction made on this system will appear on your statement  noted as a Voice Response transaction.

8. Remember to use the account number that is on your checks, except checks have an additional number at the end of the account number.  It is called a "check digit" and verifies the numbers in the account number.. Example: the account number on your check shows "0000123451." The four zeros are leading zeros.  Your account number is "12345."  This is the number you enter.  The last digit "1" is a check digit and is only used by the computer as a verification.