debit Card tips

Dealing with a lost or stolen debit card can be a hassle, take care of your debit card as if it was cash.

These are a few tips to help you avoid any losses.

  • - Guard your debit card and PIN number.
  • - Always keep your card in sight when making a transaction.
  • - Confirm the amount being debited from your card with your retailer.
  • - Make sure you discard your receipts and other financial documents properly. We recommend that these documents be shredded.
  • - Review your statements carefully. If you find an unfamiliar transaction contact the credit union immediately.
  • - Memorize your PIN number, never write it down and never disclose it to anyone, even if they claim to be from the credit union.
  • - When using an ATM or a Point of Sale terminal, be wary of anyone who might be trying to watch you enter your PIN.
  • - Keep your check book and debit card separate.
  • - Report lost or stolen cards or suspected fraudulent use of your debit card to your credit union immediately.


Other important tips:

  • - Do not leave purse or wallet in your car or shopping cart.
  • - Women should not leave their purse unattended on a chair or the back rest of a chair.
  • - Shred and discard expired cards.