The cell phone has become a essential part of our daily life. You are more likely to forget your wallet than forget your phone when leaving home. Gone are the days when cell phones were used solely for voice communications. Smart phones have enabled users with a wide array of usability. That's why our mobile banking service has the following features: text, app, and mobile web. If you haven't yet signed up for this service please contact a member service representative at 956-787-2774. 

three ways to connect

Downloadable App

Text Messaging

Mobile Banking Web Site

Helpful Hints

1. The App is called TouchBanking and is only available for Android and iPhones.

2. Before downloading the app you must first enroll on Bank365 via a computer.

3. The commands available for the Text Messaging feature are BAL and HIST. The number to message is 59289.

4. First time logging on to the app requires the app code GoMobile0712 to be input.

5. The mobile banking web site can be located at

6. Bill Pay users can pay there bills using the app, but new merchants will have to be setup using the normal Bank365 website.