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We don't rely on computers as much as we used to. With the emergence of smart phones and tablets that can do many of the things we used to do on computers, less and less do we sit at a desk staring at a ccomputer monitor. However Online Banking is still very much important to manage your finances. This is why we offer free online banking.* Here you can access your statements online, view check images, transfer funds within your account, and sign up for Bill Pay.* The added benefits you get with online Bill Pay are a great convenience. With it you can pay bills, send money to someone, or transfer money to another account.** If you haven't yet signed up for this service please contact a member service representative at 956-787-2774. 
*There is an additional fee for Online Bill Pay.
**Additional fees may apply.

Available 24 hours 7 Days a week

Bill Pay Available

e-Statements Available

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Funds Transfer

Account to Account Transfers


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Helpful Hints

1. Reccommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

2. Using Internet Explorer 9 and above requires Compatibility View Settings adjusted.

3. Bill Users: You will not be able to add new merchants using Internet Explorer!

4. When signing up for e-statements you will not be able to view a statement online until the current month has concluded.

You can view the BANK365 Terms and Conditions here.