Sammy the savvy saver

Sammy the Savvy Saver Youth program is a fun exciting money management program for children to enjoy while learning the importance of saving money!

Kids can win the following prizes

3 Credits - Yoyo Balls, Stamps, Key Chains, Wacky Monsters

6 Credits - Kites, Puzzle Games, Sunglasses, Cars, Cool Caps

9 Credits - Baseball Mitts, Night Vision Spy Wear, Girl Tiaras

12 Credits - Puzzles, Cute Head Bands, Connect Four Games, Pocket Radios

15 Credits - Helly Kitty Bracelets, Travel Writers, Nerf Footballs, Soccer Balls

20 Credits - Super Soakers, Barbies, Action Figures

25 Credits - Backpacks, T-Shirts