PSJA/Donna ISD 12 Month Employee Summer No Hassle Loanunderline

How do I get the PSJA/Donna ISD 12 Month Employee Summer No Hassle Loan?

Ø  Are you employed by PSJA/Donna ISD on a 12-month basis? (Yes/No)


ü If yes, please continue


ü           If No  stop sign

If you answered no, stop. You may qualify for our PSJA/Donna ISD 9-month School District Summer No Hassle Loan which begins in the fall. Applications will be available on our website at in the fall.


Ø  How does the process work?  Just follow these simple instructions.


ü  Complete your application and click submit. (Please make sure to include your most recent mobile phone number) The application will be sent to the Credit Union for review.


ØOnce your application is approved your loan documents will be sent to your email address for your review and signatures via DocuSign. A loan officer will contact you within two business days from when you submitted your application. Please do not call for status on the application.  Make sure to check your email often and return your documents to the Credit Union as soon as you can. We highly recommend that you save or print a copy of your loan documents.


ü  Once your executed loan documents are received by the Credit Union the loan proceeds will be deposited to your share account on the day listed on your loan agreement.


ü  Questions? Contact our loan department at 956-787-2774.


Ø More about the 12 Month PSJA/Donna ISD Employee Summer No Hassle Loan?  (No Credit Check, Interest rate for 2020 is 17.00% APR)


·         Members must have a signed contract or letter of reasonable assurance for employment with PSJA/Donna ISD for the 2020-2021 school year.

·         Members must have been employed full-time with PSJA/Donna ISD for two years

·         Members must be compensated on a 12-month basis.

·         Loan must be repaid through payroll deduction or automatic transfer

·         Maximum Loan $2,000.00

·         Must be paid off by September 30, 2021

·         There will be a $25.00 fee charged for each applicationnr

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