youth accounts


It’s never too early to establish good financial habits, which is why we offer specially-designed youth accounts to help give kids practice making good choices with their money.

 Sammy the Saver Youth Program (Kids 12 and Under)

Our Sammy the Saver offering is a fun, exciting money management that rewards children as they learn the importance of saving money. The following prizes are available to win:

  • 3 Credits – Yoyo balls, stamps, key chains, wacky monsters
  • 6 Credits – Kites, puzzle games, sunglasses, cars, cool caps
  • 9 Credits – Baseball mitts, night vision spy wear, tiaras
  • 12 Credits – Puzzles, head bands, Connect Four games, pocket radios
  • 15 Credits – Hello Kitty bracelets, travel writers, Nerf footballs, soccer balls
  • 20 Credits – Super Soakers, Barbies, action figures
  • 25 Credits – Backpacks, tee-shirts

SPIRIT Youth Program (Ages 13-20)

  • Free initial debit card
  • Free online banking
  • Free mobile banking
  • Free CardValet to set up debit card controls
  • Free E-statements


Ready to start your child’s journey to financial wellness?

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